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Data Protection & Privacy

Areas of Practice

  • Legal opinions and advice on GDPR compliance
  • Advice on adoption and implementation of sound privacy and personal data protection policies, including appropriate technical and organizational measures for data processing and appropriate safeguards for data transfers
  • Due diligence for GDPR compliance in M&As or NPL portfolio purchases
  • Advice and support on GDPR and confidentiality compliance during the due diligence and overall pre-transaction phase of any transaction, including VDRs and document and data redaction
  • Drafting and reviewing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and data processing and transfer agreements
  • Assistance in managing and responding to data subjects’ requests and exercise of their rights
  • Representation in proceedings before the Hellenic Data Protection Authority or any court for defending against data subject complaints or contesting sanctions imposed by the DPA
  • Advice on privacy and confidentiality aspects of external investigations and audits, whether from a competent authority or a transactional counterparty (e.g. an investor)

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