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Corporate & Commercial law

Areas of Practice

  • Comprehensive advice and support on establishing a corporation, joint venture, or startup, including:
    • choosing the appropriate business structure
    • undertaking the whole establishment procedure
    • liaising with all competent authorities and bodies for completing the establishment procedure
    • negotiating and drafting the corporation’s articles of association and any related shareholders’ agreement
    • planning and implementing a roadmap to getting the corporation up and running
  • Comprehensive advice and support on a company’s regular operation and daily needs, including:
    • drafting resolutions, minutes, and any other corporate document,
    • translating all corporate documents and agreements into English for foreign shareholders or stakeholders,
    • assistance in drafting, updating, and implementing corporate policies, codes of conduct, or procedures in compliance with all applicable law
    • drafting and reviewing all types of contracts with suppliers, lessors, employees, contractors, and customers, including drafting standardized contract templates for mass use and sophisticated, tailor-made contracts on any of our areas of expertise
    • drafting and amending the corporation’s articles of association and any other constitution document required to address any new needs or activities
    • changing business structure
  • Comprehensive advice and support on investments and financing, including:
    • assisting our clients in legally shaping their concept or design, choosing from a wide range of traditional or innovative private investment models, whether direct or indirect
    • matching our client’s design to an appropriate and effective transactional structure or vehicle
    • planning a roadmap and seeing it through
    • negotiating and agreeing on the investment plan
    • negotiating and drafting all necessary agreements and legal documents
    • assisting in implementation of the investment, including all necessary filings and procedures with competent authorities and bodies
    • legal support on monitoring and auditing the performance of the investment
    • legal support on divestment and exit
  • Legal support on negotiating and closing any kind of agreement or arrangement, including legal due diligence
  • Drafting all customary documents during negotiations (NDAs, non-binding MoUs, letters of intent, term sheets/heads of terms etc.)
  • Legal due diligence services and reports (for transactions, investments, M&As etc.)
  • Legal opinions and advice on all matters regarding applicable corporate law and regulation
  • Consulting on regulatory compliance based on the corporation’s activities, operations and needs
  • Collaborating with international law firms on cross-border transactions and investments, providing local legal support and coordination and advising on other local key points of interest and/or concern.

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